Kraft paper bowl & paper soup bowl

Item No.: LH1003
Kraft paper bowl & paper soup bowl
Material : kraft paperboard
Size: 8-32 oz
Customized size and Customized printing
25pcs/pack 200pcs/carton
Description Review
  • Double Poly-Coated Paperboard: Made from double poly-coated paperboard, the internal cup inside the container and lid combo is durable and moisture resistant. Use it for serving anything from light chicken noodle soup to thick, hearty stews, ice cold frozen yogurt to gelato. It ensures combined rigidity and reliability you want in a take-out paper hot food cup and lid combo.
  • Tightly-Rolled Rim: This paper hot food cup features a tightly-rolled rim, ideal for ensuring a safe, secure lid fit. It is smooth to the touch, making it great for sipping too. When the lid is on, the rim works to prevent spills due to the tight fit, while also eliminating the risk of rapid temperature loss.
  • Our disposable paper soup cup can be used to hold ice cream sundaes, salads, fruits and vegetables and other foods. These cups can also be used to hold hot foods such as peppers, macaroni and soup.
  • Round Shape Kraft Soup Paper Cups can store soup, chicken, rice and vegetables. It is also very suitable for pasta and salads. very suitable for BBQ, Gatherings and Parties.


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