Greaproof paper wrpas & food paper wraps

Item No.: LC1005
Greaproof paper wrpas & food paper wraps
Material : Greaseproof paper
Size: 300*400mm  400*600mm
Customized size and Customized printing
500pcs/pack 5000pcs/carton
Description Review
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: You can be sure that your guests won’t have any problems of having all the excess grease and oils on their hands. Also, this means the foods will retain their natural flavor for long since the sheet don’t absorb it.
  • GUARANTEED: It features grease resistance that you can trust to have it even with deep fried chicken. It is often used for appetizers, snacks, hotdogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, barbeques, fries, fish and chips, onion rings, churros or other to-go foods.
Customized design available
Effectively prevent moisture-proof, waterproof and oil-proof, can be used as grease and baking food package, great to wrap hamburg, french fries, sandwiches, cookies, candy, bread and line food baskets


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