Return to original packaging design to reduce the potential environmental harm caused by printing

In the current complex and diverse packaging product market, novelty and complex packaging design will increase the selling point of your product, but it will also increase the cost of the product, and the complex printing design will also bring potential harm to the environment, Longley From beginning to end, we advocate to provide customers with better design solutions based on the concept of environmental protection.
Our customers who purchase paper bags in South America like to use bright packaging designs, and adjust the colors and design elements according to the attributes of different products. It also increases accordingly. Based on our understanding of the meaning of the customer's special design, we suggest that complex designs be replaced with simple tones and lines and other elements, and then use special labels to classify the use and special attributes of the product, which can not only retain the customer's logo , It also highlights the design concept of the product, and the concept of environmental protection and simple design have also been recognized by customers.