Develop the most suitable material for customer

We have a customer in Europe. The customer's bag is used for direct contact with food. The European customer's requirement is that the material of the paper bag must have grease-proof performance, and the test must not contain any fluoride. It is difficult due to the process of grease-proof paper. It will achieve both grease-proof performance and no addition of fluoride. The customer has been using imported raw materials before. Although it can meet the demand, the cost is obviously high. With the increasing market competition, the customer found us for a solution. Through years of familiarity with and expertise in materials, we can designate a research and development plan for customers, and jointly develop raw materials that meet customer needs with domestic cooperative paper mills. Through repeated research and development and testing, we have successfully replaced all previous imported raw materials. That save about 200,000 US dollars each year in cost for our customer, which enhances mutual trust and strengthens the cooperative relationship with customers.